A Womxn-led Indigenous Non-Profit working to clean and protect our communities and our Biosphere.

Learning to love myself in my full femin

Restorative Justice starts with Rematriating

Womxn from the Mountain Founded | 2018
Inclusive women’s group open to women of all colors and backgrounds, including those that identify as women and the feminine identity. Our goal is to empower our individual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs directly supporting the Colorado indigenous and disproportionately impacted community through transformative art healing.
We provide cultural enrichment in diverse communities including holding safe spaces for cultural traditions of Danza Azteca de ColorAztlan, transformative indigenous education, braves spaces for cultural representation, and campaigns to address awareness and bring enforceable protections with cultural and trauma sensitivity to issues in the indigenous communities such as; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, domestic violence, drug/homeless/mental health support, support for asylum seekers, and environmental awareness.
Currently working as climate change organizers and cultural educators for disproportionately impacted communities to create protections from cumulative impacts of environmental racism. We have worked on SB 1266 and now, on the first ever in Colorado, Environmental Justice Task Force in current policies to transformatively address climate change with authentic equity.
Worked with CU Environmental Justice Department, March On, Future Coalition, 350.org., International Indigenous Youth Council, Conservation Colorado, and Western Conservation, to bring awareness for Murdered and Missing Indigenous People throughout Colorado and North America.


Reinforcing our Commitment

We offer Ally and Accomplice Trainings workshops for every level of community and educational level. And expand in a two part series of Restorative Justice Trainings. 

Reach out to find out pricing and book now at reneemchacon@gmail.com

We support the narrative Social Justice is Climate Justice because we are all connected socially, economically, and environmentally. With access to the right resources and platforms, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch or contributing today.


A short film about the impacts of Colorado's only oil refinery on our communities’ public health.

Suncor Energy, a Canadian company, runs an oil refinery north of Denver Colorado.  Suncor is one of Colorado’s largest emitters of  greenhouse gasses, as well as one of the largest emitters of toxic air pollutants, and has been operating without any changes to its operations or pollution controls for years.

In spite of numerous enforcement actions and settlements, Suncor continues to flout air quality laws, putting neighboring communities – who are primarily Latino and low income – at extreme risk.

This is their story.




We welcome you to provide written public comment on Draft 1 of the Environmental Justice Action Task Force recommendations.

The public comment period for Draft 1 of the recommendations will remain open for the next 30 days and will close on July 25th, 2022.

To submit comments, please email cdphe_ej@state.co.us with your comments in the body of the email, or attach an edited version of the Word document in which you have provided detailed feedback in the form of track changes.

Public comments will be most helpful to the Task Force if they 

  • Identify which specific recommendation they are addressing

  • Explain whether they support or oppose the recommendation

  • Consider how the recommendation will be implemented

  • Identify who should implement the recommendation (i.e., an agency vs. the legislature)

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your dedication to advancing environmental justice in the state of Colorado!



Draft 1 of the Environmental Justice Action Task Force recommendations



¡se abrió el período para comentarios del público!


Le invitamos a que haga sus comentarios por escrito sobre el primer borrador de las recomendaciones del Grupo de Trabajo de Acción para la Justicia Ambiental (EJATF).

Se traducirán las recomendaciones al español en el futuro cercano.

El período de audiencia pública para comentarios sobre el primer borrador de las recomendaciones permanecerá abierto durante los próximos 30 días y se cerrará el 21 de julio de 2022. 

Envíe un mensaje por correo electrónico a cdphe_ej@state.co.us e incluya sus comentarios en el cuerpo del mensaje, o adjunte una versión del documento con sus comentarios detallados en control de cambios.

Los comentarios del público serán de mayor utilidad para el Grupo de Trabajo si:

identifican a qué recomendaciones en particular se refieren;

indican si están de acuerdo o se oponen a la recomendación;

toman en consideración la manera en que se implementará la recomendación;

identifican quién debería implementar la recomendación (es decir, una agencia o la legislatura).

Esperamos recibir sus comentarios. ¡Gracias por su ayuda para fomentar la justicia ambiental en el estado de Colorado!



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