Restoring Respect to the life givers in us all.

Womxn from the Mountain are cultural educators inclusive of all women from all backgrounds including those that identify as women.

We believe that to transform towards a healthy future in education, media, and for future generations for girls and Womxn, there needs to be an inclusive and more realistic approach to education now. This directly means preparing the next seven generation for the social justice and environmental issues they are facing now.

Learning to love myself in my full femin


Why we are crucial to the future.

Womxn from the Mountain Founded | 2018
Inclusive women’s group open to women of all colors and backgrounds, including those that identify as women. Our goal is to empower our individual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs directly supporting the Denver community through transformative art healing.
We provide cultural enrichment in diverse communities including holding women circles to teach Native traditions, culture, and education to bring awareness to issues in the Native communities such as; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, domestic violence, drug/homeless/mental health support, support for asylum seekers, and environmental awareness.
Currently working as climate change organizers to bring awareness to climate change policies.
Worked with 350.org., International Indigenous Youth Council, and Western Conservation to bring awareness for Murdered and Missing Indigenous People throughout Colorado and North America.

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MMIW | Climate Crisis Art

We are here to correlate the issues of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and girls have long been a direct result of environmental exploitation and degradation. Large numbers of women go missing around factories, man camps, and truck stops around North America and there has been no policies changes to protect a vulnerable population invisible to the American identity.
The political systems that have allowed environmental negligence and protection for these targeted populations are responsible for the exploitation of the land, resources, and womxn. Often times the same banks funding the projects, including detention centers, contribute directly to this plight of slow genocide. Furthermore the people affected are poor, lower class, people of color that do not have the ability to defend themselves with legal protections and privilege of more affluent people to say “no” to their local resources being exploited.

Helping The Community

Honoring treaties protecting Indigenous land, water, and sovereignty from the impacts of fossil fuel industrialization; and Protecting and restoring biodiversity through sustainable agriculture and protection of half the world’s land and oceans--including habitat and wildlife corridors in Colorado. The exploitation of land and resources do correlate with the exploitation of women and Indigenous people. The transition must be and should be indigenous led, and more inclusive of the Indigenous narrative of how to steward and honor our Earth.
A transition that invests in prosperity for communities on the frontlines of poverty and pollution, including reparations for the communities that have been most impacted by climate change and fossil fuel development.

One Step at a Time

We offer educational workshops and curriculums to question are you “colonized or indigenous” in your concerns for the future of the next seven generations as an exercise to bring awareness into the connection to respecting the Earth and why it is sacred. Several issues that are important to indigenous groups, including: 1) human rights and international law, 2) lands and territories, 3) biodiversity and conservation, 4) development strategies, and 5) culture, science, and intellectual property. For Indigenous Peoples, conservation of biodiversity is not new; on the contrary, it is part of their own culture, history, and spirituality.

Reinforcing our Commitment

We offer Ally and Accomplice Trainings workshops for every level of community and educational level. And expand in a two part series of Restorative Justice Trainings. 

Reach out to find out pricing and book now at reneemchacon@gmail.com

We support the narrative Social Justice is Climate Justice because we are all connected socially, economically, and environmentally. With access to the right resources and platforms, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch or contributing today.



I STILL EXIST raises awareness around issues of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls who have long been victimized as a direct result of environmental exploitation and degradation. This installation strives to link the personhood liability of corporations to redistribute wealth to communities affected by their negligent and criminal behavior.
I STILL EXIST consists of six inkjet prints mounted on aluminum.


“If we build a society on honoring the Earth, we build a society which is sustainable, and has the capacity to support all life forms. ”

Winona LaDuke



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