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Grateful for this season, it's lessons, it's release, it's hope that lies in respecting th

 Empowering our Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Educational needs through Equity, and Decolonization

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Restorative Justice starts with Rematriation

Womxn from the Mountain Founded | 2018

By indigenous womxn, as an inclusive group for all women, trans, non-binary, two-spirit individuals, and diverse communities. Our mission: Empower holistic needs through equity, transformative education, and culturally responsive healing arts.



We firmly believe in the interconnection of Social Justice and Climate Justice. Access to the right resources empowering people to fulfill their potential.


We offer Ally & Accomplice trainings, Restorative Justice, & Dismantling Predatory Behavior workshops that help bring awareness to respecting each other.


To honor treaties that protect indigenous peoples lands, water, and sovereignty from the impacts of fossil fuel industrialization & investing in our communities wellbeing.


We strive to create meaningful collaborative partnerships with other organizations, cities, and counties to elevate families and influence policy.

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