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We will create and grow a safe and inclusive environment where ancestral and traditional practices include a community of not only humans but of all living entities, our ancestors and our guides. (Ayllu/Communualidad).

The Concept of Calmecac (Higher Education) creates a formal learning structure of community and wholeness. It crosses, integrates and synergizes all disciplines and all human essence (Yeliztli).

We apply the ancient understanding of the whole, complete human being.This includes the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual realms or manifestations. Nepantla(Weaving) It’s time for you to come back and weave with us!

We host various programs including our Cuicacalli (House of Song), Art/Instrument workshops, Language is Culture, and Women's healing circles. 

Ye Ipan- The time is right!

Ye Imman- The time is NOW!!

6th Sun Calmecac: About Us
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